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Update: Entire Prialto Team Confirmed Safe in Guatemala

Posted by Eric Taussig Jun 6, 2018 11:45:06 AM   Topics:

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Prialto members have inquired with concern about the ongoing Fuego volcanic eruptions in Guatemala (GT), where many of Prialto’s personnel and their families live and work.

We have confirmed that each member of our GT staff, as well as each of their family members and close friends, is safe. Guatemala City, where our operations are located, was not affected by the injurious aspect of the eruption, even while the airport was closed and the city was covered in volcanic ash.

These events always remind us of just how close and intertwined our lives have become, globally, regardless of how far apart we geographically sit. Growing this familiarity between distant geographies is embedded in the essence of what Prialto does.

guatemala-volcanoSource: http://www.theyucatantimes.com/.

Naturally, all thoughtful Guatemalans are especially saddened for those in their country who have been significantly impacted from loss-of-life, injuries and dislocation. Our GT staff demonstrated their usual commitment to our service by making it to work despite impeded commutes and significant irritation from ash. This same GT staff is mobilizing to support relief efforts for their countrymen in need, purchasing for donation the needed supplies

As a company, we will be matching their personal efforts in-kind. Prialto members should feel good that their subscription to our services makes this support possible.

For further updates

PBS News Hour gives background on the situation and provides further ways to support relief efforts.




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