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7 Best Apps for CEOs and Founders in 2018

Posted by Dusti Arab   Dec 19, 2017 9:26:19 AM

category: productivity, time management

As a CEO, you need to be in the know. It's your job to be at the cutting edge, staying up to date on the latest tech tool and trends so you can lead your team to the best of your ability.

That said, it's too easy to get caught up in switching from one software suite to another in the name of a few moments gained to devote to a more important project, assuming the onboarding time for the app doesn't actually cost you more time.

Now, I'm a dedicated software nerd, and I'm always searching for better tools to make my workflow more efficient, so I've been busy scouring Product Hunt, AngelList, and more to find you best in class apps to keep you at the top of your game all year long. 

I've sifted through dozens of apps, extensions, and pieces of software and refined it down to this list you probably haven't heard of to help you have your most effective year yet.

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How to Use a Virtual Executive Assistant as Your Time Manager

Posted by Eric Taussig   Aug 22, 2017 8:45:00 AM

category: Delegation, time management

If you’re like most every other modern professional, you want a virtual executive assistant who knows your needs, reads your mind, sees workflow issues before you do, and is proactive on your behalf.

On the other hand, like everyone else, you don’t want to take the time to train a virtual executive assistant to create this mind meld nirvana.

Therein lies the ultimate management conundrum: Do I spend time investing some of my valuable time today so that I can save time tomorrow?

The answer should be a definitive “yes!” But, few people actually have the confidence that they will be successful making this investment. The human psychology of instant gratification conspires against them. They never slow down so that they can later speed up. Therefore, they remain on the self-admin treadmill...

This is incredible when you think about how just a bit of annual, monthly, weekly, and daily planning will set you apart from the masses. Time spent proactively will automatically put you in the top 1% of humanity in terms of being an effective person, and it is actually quite easy to achieve!

Below, I give you a quick-and-easy 3 step guide to getting up and running with a virtual executive assistant as your inevitable time manager.

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Boards vs. Messaging: Which Time Management App Is Right For You?

Posted by Deena Anreise   Jul 18, 2017 3:45:00 PM

category: productivity, time management

Every busy executive struggles to get the most out of their daily allotment of 24 hours.

So, what sets the high performers apart from the rest of the pack? Arguably, time management skills.

The most successful executives manage their time effectively by focusing on priority tasks that will lead to more business.

You may be wondering: How do top executives become so brazenly organized? Were they born with time management skills? Do they have access to a literal secret sauce that they pour into their coffee every morning after waking at the crack of dawn to run sprints? More to the point, can any executive rise to the ranks of the truly high-performing?

While I can’t speak to questions about genetics or coffee spiking, I can tell you that the last question deserves a resounding, “Yes!” Because it is, in fact, possible for B players to become A players with the right mix of organization, tenacity, and time management best practices.

To be sure, there’s no quick fix that will increase executive productivity overnight; no time management app or virtual executive assistant can level you up in an instant. Real life isn’t like Limitless, no matter how badly we wish it were. Still, apps (and virtual assistants) can increase an executive’s productivity exponentially if they are leveraged effectively.

Below you’ll find a list of 9 time management tools along with information about each that will help you decide which user experience is best for you: Messaging vs. Boards.

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