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The best practices for working with a VA and delegating to grow your business 

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Work/life balance is dead. Here are 10 ways to live better anyway.

Posted by Dusti Arab   Nov 14, 2017 5:04:00 AM

category: Delegation, productivity, Scheduling, work/life balance

I’m so sick of hearing about work/life balance. It’s a complete joke.

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Considering AI? Here's How a Real Virtual Executive Assistant Is Better

Posted by Deena Anreise   Apr 3, 2017 10:00:00 AM

category: admin support, productivity, Scheduling, business growth

If you have been looking to hire a virtual assistant to perform important-yet-menial tasks like managing your calendar, cleaning up your email inbox, and helping you organize your professional life, you may have considered using artificial intelligence (AI).

Software applications such as Clara, x.ai, or Jarvis utilize machine learning to coordinate your calendar or remind you to get certain tasks accomplished.

Yet, these AI apps can only perform such menial tasks by mimicking data and following commands. They can’t brainstorm, think creatively, or tackle novel situations they haven't encountered before, even though machine learning is the most powerful branch of artificial intelligence.

In the article below, find out exactly how a virtual executive assistant will help you stay organized and grow your business exponentially better than any AI ever could...

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How to Leverage a Virtual Executive Assistant for Business Networking

Posted by Bret Camarena   Mar 15, 2017 11:55:00 AM

category: Scheduling, Professional Networking, business growth

Professional networking is key to your long-term growth, but you’re likely inconsistent in your networking activities and follow through.

That’s like engaging in a fitness routine for two hours, but only once a week: each workout is painful and the benefits are limited.

You’d be better off dividing those same two hours of total workout time over three different days during the week. Yet, this can be difficult when you're very busy...just like consistent business networking is difficult.

No single action is likely to yield much.

The benefits of business networking (and exercise) are only felt after months, even years, of consistent effort.

It's obvious that you need to get started now in order to experience future benefits.

However, the fact remains that you don’t have that kind of time. Additionally, building new habits requires energy...but you need to spend that energy on executing the work in front of you.

What to do...?

Below you'll learn how to grow your business by leveraging a virtual executive assistant.

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