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3 Principles of a Successful Client Onboarding Process

Posted by Eric Taussig   Jun 29, 2017 11:55:34 AM

category: Sales and Operations

Making the client onboarding process successful is crucial for any service company.

When done well, your onboarding process is the mechanism through which your business development and/or sales team does an elegant handoff to your service delivery people. This instills confidence in your offering, and makes your new customer glad to have signed on with you.

Getting your client onboarding process right—especially when your service is offered remotely from a globally distributed team—is even more important and difficult.

Below, I outline three principles we’ve kept in mind while structuring our onboarding process, a process that we see as foundational to Prialto’s success.

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8 Force Multipliers for Entrepreneurs via Anthony Iannarino

Posted by Deena Anreise   Nov 30, 2016 9:00:00 AM

category: Sales and Operations, Sales Productivity, Growth Mindset

Anthony Iannarino is a high performing entrepreneur, podcast host of In the Arena, international speaker, bestselling author, and adjunct professor at Capital University’s School of Management and Leadership. He draws an average of 50,000 readers every month to The Sales Blog, because his advice is of the utmost value to entrepreneurs and sales executives looking for actionable ways to grow their business.

Anthony also publishes a weekly newsletter that often showcases the force multipliers he thinks move the needle best. 

Take a peek...

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Top 9 Podcasts for Sales Professionals

Posted by Deena Anreise   Nov 1, 2016 5:05:00 AM

category: Sales and Operations, Sales Productivity

In his Forbes article 6 Reasons Why Podcasting is the Future of Storytelling, Chris Giliberti states that "the podcast’s lithe ability to contort itself across myriad activities and settings, venturing where print and video cannot, is ultimately what cements its growth prospects. Not just in our cars, commutes, and meanderings, but center stage in our living rooms and at entertainment venues." 

This is why podcasts are like smartphones: they contain a wide variety of tools in a small, portable package. But they beat smartphones in one key way: podcasts are free.

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