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In Celebration of Its NYSE Debut: 3 Ways Prialto Uses Smartsheet

Posted by Scott Plamondon   Apr 27, 2018 2:12:05 PM

category: Project Management

Prialto loves Smartsheet for online project management and collaboration. In fact, we use it every day to help manage our members’ many projects. So it came as no surprise to see this wonderful company debut on the New York Stock Exchange as a public company.

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Intro to Kanban Boards, the Highly Visual Project Management Method

Posted by Alexandra Hall   Apr 23, 2018 11:27:02 AM

category: productivity, Project Management

If you’re forever fighting your project management system, Kanban boards are worth a look. "Kanban" — Japanese for “visual signal” or “card” — are card- and column-based project management systems that offer a convenient way to keep teams abreast of a project's status, from initial design to final deliverables.

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