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Prospect Research 101


Once your sales team is successfully outreaching to prospects, the next step to scale your sales efforts is to develop a lists of prospects.

There are several success factors you should target when developing a list of prospects for your sales team:

  • Fit with Target Profile: Does your list of target accounts and titles match your target profile? If it doesn’t closely match, your response rates will be much lower.
  • Deliverability: Does your list have a low bounce rate / open rate? Provide your team with a list of valid emails so that they don’t waste cycle times on unreachable contacts.
  • Scalability: Can you scale the prospect research process to support your team’s demands for new targets?

Based on more than 500,000 hours of experience supporting sales teams, Prialto has developed and refined a top-to-bottom prospect research approach, outlined below. The following three posts will guide you through key steps for developing a scalable prospect research process, including:

  1. Building vs. Buying a list: Reviews the three key reasons why building your own list will result in better target fit, deliverability, and (through hard work) scalability.
  2. Targeting the right accounts: While many companies can sell you lists, we find a lot of the secret sauce is selecting the right accounts to target.
  3. Sourcing contact information: This is what a lot of folks call prospect research but it is just the last step. Once you have a list of target accounts, the process for finding contact information is relatively straightforward.

These posts will provide a great guide on the basics of prospect research. The next step is to scale this effort. The work to generate your own lists is inherently manual but by developing strong workflow, processes, and labor management techniques you can quickly build a scalable process.

To learn more about prospect research best practices or to get our assistance scaling your team’s efforts, contact us.


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