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Productivity From the Trenches to your Inbox


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Over the past several months, we have been working to make Prialto Post an engaging resource for you. Our (modest) goal is to make this your destination for thinking and inspiration on sales process, business productivity and the global workforce. This week, we're launching our online newsletter - a weekly conglomeration of articles dedicated to making you work smarter.

There is, of course, no dearth of productivity experts out there. Every day, self-styled gurus produce countless words for major media outlets on productivity topics ranging from deep breathing to checklists.

Prialto Post logoBut we believe that Prialto has a unique, practitioner’s vantage point. And by “practitioner” we mean something more profound than any one or all of us being model adopters of productivity tools. We mean that we are practitioners of helping busy, high velocity individuals like you get more productive without having to slow themselves down.

That has been and is our business.

Productivity Tips from the Practitioners

Prialto’s quest is to reboot administrative services for a globally distributed workforce enabled by SaaS applications. We have over a half million hours of experience combining people, process and technology to offer productivity solutions for executives and their companies.

Our employees around the world spend countless hours figuring out how to help the individual executives and companies we support. Our global community is broad and deep, which enables Prialto Post to bring you learning from the trenches. And, we know high performing executives and understand their workflow at the most intimate level.

The articles posted to this online database are aimed at sharing our passion and curating best practices on productivity, CRM, delegation, managing and leveraging a global workforce.

We hope that our commitment to humane efficiency and quality shines through in our articles. After all, Prialto Post is not driven by CPM, CPA or lead nurturing. Instead, our core motivation in launching this publication is to educate our customers and engage in a dialog on how to optimize our service and your time.

So let's start with productivity tip #1: Fill out the 3-field newsletter subscription form on the right. The time savings of being able to view this in your email instead of navigating here is well worth it. It'll be one less thing you have to remember to do each week!


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