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Celebrity Smartphone Homescreens Revealed


Smartphones have become an executive equivalent to the old high school binders that students used to show their personalities. You could tell a lot about someone's identity by seeing how they decorated and organized this once-universal tool for storing school work.

what does your smartphone say about you?

Similarly, you can now tell a lot about people by how they organize their iPhone or Android. Recent studies have shown that business people routinely form opinions about each other based on the phones they're carrying. In the fast-paced tech industry, what's on your phone might become even more important than what it looks like.

Take, for example, Prialto's Andy Mowat and Eric Taussig. You can see their work styles, their individual priorities, and their professional and personal interests in how they organize their iPhones and the apps that they choose to use.

Click here to see all the celebrity smartphone homescreen personalities in our series.


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