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Passwords are far from the ideal solution when it comes to online security. Passwords are ubiquitous because they are cheap. Their proliferation has made them harder to remember, easier to hack and more expensive to replace. Yet, individual employee passwords are often the only thing keeping companies from a complete data failure and/or service meltdown. This is the challenge that Prialto’s first ebook, Enterprise Password Security, is intended to address.

At Prialto, we see enterprise data security at three levels:

  1. Physical: This refers to the gates around your building, the lock on your front door, the alarm system on your windows. In other words, anything that safeguards the location of your data.
  2. Electronic: This can include servers, software, hardware or cloud applications. In most companies, electronic security primarily hinges on password security and integrity.
  3. Human: We put anything derived from the real-person element in this bucket. It often includes Chinese walls, background checks, whistleblower policies and phone monitoring.

Of these, electronic security changes the most and more often than the others. Leaps in technology make both hackers and security companies more effective overnight. They can access or safeguard your company’s data from further away than ever before and in larger quantities than ever before.

Authored jointly with our partners at Bitium, the Enterprise Password Security ebook lays out several challenges and solutions for companies seeking to optimize their user password policies. It takes into account the convergence between consumer and enterprise SaaS apps, as well as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) workplace environments.

Download the ebook to learn

  • how SaaS and BYOD technologies are risking the integrity of enterprise data
  • how single sign-on tools contribute to company security & employee productivity
  • how to craft the perfect password; and
  • how to pick the right single sign-on tool for your company needs.

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