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Deena Anreise

Marketing Manager
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Recent Posts

How to Share Office 365 Calendar With Google Calendar

Posted by Deena Anreise   Jun 27, 2017 2:15:00 PM

category: Scheduling

There are many skeptics who believe it's impossible to share your Office 365 calendar with your Google calendar. But skeptics certainly aren't the most optimistic, and these particular skeptics definitely aren't the best researchers, because it is possible.

Below, you'll find directions that will help you sync both calendars in order to bring more visibility to your schedule. 

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Executives, Here's How to Start a Good Conversation with Anyone

Posted by Deena Anreise   Jun 19, 2017 12:00:00 PM

category: Professional Networking, Entrepreneur Success, business growth

Let's say that you're at a conference and you see a prospective client you'd like to talk to in order to begin nurturing the relationship. Or maybe you're at your child's sports game, at happy hour down the street from your office, or at a social event and really wish to speak with someone you see there.

Do you struggle with how to break the ice...sometimes for so long that you psych yourself out and miss the opportunity to connect? Or do you throw caution to the wind, decide you're gutsy enough to strike up a conversation with a total stranger, only to feel your stomach drop from the look of inconvenience and/or discomfort on their face after just a few words from you?

For most of us, it's difficult to know how to start a good conversation with a complete stranger. But we all know that how you start a conversation with someone is important to developing a relationship with that person and to your inevitable bottom line, which means that getting it right is crucial.

Below, I'll explain a surefire way to break the ice no matter the situation you're in or the person you wish to connect with via conversation.  

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3 Tips on How to Avoid Distractions at Work to Prevent Executive Burnout

Posted by Deena Anreise   Jun 16, 2017 6:00:00 AM

category: admin support, Delegation, virtual assistants

We’ve all heard the adage warning against all work and no play. Yet, while the majority of us recognize that working around the clock is brutal, the habit persists amongst executives and entrepreneurs on a broad scale. 

“There’s an ingrained mythology around startups that not only celebrates burn-out efforts, but damn well requires it. It’s the logical outcome of trying to compress a lifetime’s worth of work into the abbreviated timeline of a venture fund.”

David Hanson, Creator of Ruby on Rails/Founder and CTO at Basecamp

Nearly every hard working professional knows that living almost exclusively with your nose to the grindstone will cause epic burnout. Yet the typical C-suite executive position is almost perfectly designed to burn someone out. A Harvard Medical School study found that 96% of senior leaders feel somewhat burned out, and a third describe their burnout as extreme.

“I don’t know if we’re going to make it. And there are a lot of others around here who have the same feeling. We’re all demoralized.”

Anonymous Executive via Harvard Business Review article

Read on to discover three simple yet powerful ways to avoid distractions at work in order to alleviate and/or rid yourself of executive burnout

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