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Dear Friends of Prialto –

Several of you have reached out over the last several days, to learn whether our PAs or Prialto’s service center in Manila have been impacted by Super-Typhoon Haiyan (called Yolanda in the Philippines). Your inquiries are much appreciated. While we are glad to report that none of Prialto's employees have been directly affected, the storm has definitely had a horrific impact on the region.

The 2013 storm season has been brutal for the Philippines. As though Typhoon Trami in August and a 7.2 earthquake in September weren't enough, the typhoon that made landfall this weekend was one of the most severe storms ever recorded. Over two days, Super-Typhoon Haiyan devastated the country's southern region. Officials believe that over 10,000 may be left dead. Many more than that will certainly be displaced.

While the storm spared Manila, the destruction is on an epic scale for Southeast Asia and the Philippines as a whole. The several Prialto members who have reached out to express their worry about the situation have promised to keep our Philippines’ families in their prayers and have asked what they can do to be of assistance.

With large scale aid relief mobilizing both here in the Bay Area community and on the ground in the Philippines, there are numerous ways to help. Logistically, the infrastructure damage is so severe that reaching the affected communities is a challenge in itself. As such, it's key to remember that money, more than clothes or blankets, will be most helpful right now. Organizations collecting donations include

In addition, the West Bay Pilipino Multi-Service Center in San Francisco is taking donations of foods and medicines and Bay Area partners of the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns are asking for monetary donations.

The storm is one of the frequent reminders that Prialto operates from parts of the world where people are often hit by the worst natural disasters, even when they are far less equipped to protect themselves from these crises.

Prialto's strength in providing long-term assistance is as a good business partner to the countries from which we operate. But we also hope to play the role of a trusted informer, to facilitate honest and clear thinking about the global workforce issues brought into sharp focus by tragedies such as this one.

Photo by Erik de Castro/Reuters

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