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The best practices for working with a VA and delegating to grow your business 

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Mastering Mass Outreach: Effective prospecting with (or without) you there

Posted by Dusti Arab   Jan 16, 2018 4:38:47 PM

category: prospecting


Keeping the top of your pipeline full - regardless of the day of the month and how full the middle of the pipeline is - is crucial to continued, predictable success as a sales professional. It's also a pain.

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Should you check email when you wake up? (Well, it depends.)

Posted by Dusti Arab   Jan 11, 2018 1:06:59 PM

category: Email management

check email

You do it even though you know you shouldn't.

Even before you make that first cup of coffee, it's already on your mind. You might even do it while you're still in bed - but you know it can't just be you.

Obviously, I'm talking about checking your phone.

52% of people admit to checking their phones within 15 minutes of getting up; 86% say they do within an hour, according to Deloitte. And what's the first thing most people do?

Check their email. 

Millenials are the worst offenders, with 45% of them checking it upon waking. As one of those Millenials who can't stop checking their emails, I can't help but ask - is it really such a bad thing to do?

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How to stay ahead of the curve in 2018

Posted by Dusti Arab   Jan 9, 2018 10:07:38 AM

category: trends

If you're a leader, in any sense of the word, part of your job is understanding where you stand and where the world does. Whether that means you need to understand exactly where the competition is at any given time or how the latest tech can help your team stay at the forefront, keeping an ear to the ground is a non-negotiable.

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