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Want to Be More Productive? Here's How to Leverage Your Coworkers

Posted by Emily Lundberg   Sep 20, 2018 12:23:08 PM


Regardless whether you’re a solopreneur or an executive who oversees hundreds of people, who you interact with professionally has a powerful impact on your productivity. As social beings who instinctively observe those around us, our behaviors, ideas, and goals are subconsciously influenced by other people.

Thus - no matter how original and independent you are - on some level, you inevitably conform to your social environment. But, if you’re surrounded by kind, ambitious people and you embrace those relationships it gives you a huge advantage.

Here are four ways that your coworkers can boost your productivity and how to leverage them:

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Workplace Stress Hurts Performance. Here's How to Stop It

Posted by Emily Lundberg   Sep 19, 2018 9:58:35 AM


An Attitudes in the American Workplace survey found that 80% of workers experience workplace stress. This issue has a significant impact on your business’s bottom line. Stressed out employees have:

  • Higher turnover
  • Higher absenteeism
  • Lower productivity
  • Increased medical costs

These symptoms cause preventable increases in labor costs and declines in employee performance. To address this issue, leaders must proactively resolve triggers before they have significant effects on employee productivity. 

According to the American Institute of Stress, there are four primary causes of workplace stress:

  1. Workload
  2. People Issues
  3. Balancing Personal/Work life
  4. Lack of Job Security

Most of your employees are experiencing one or more of these. As a leader, you must take actions to alleviate those issues to enable your team to perform their best.

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6 Office Productivity Hacks to Boost Employee Performance

Posted by Emily Lundberg   Sep 13, 2018 9:51:01 AM


The goal of every team leader is to maximize their team’s productivity and performance. Typically, they approach this via incentives, one-on-one coaching, attempts to rally their teams around their collective goal. Those methods are great; however, they only skim the surface of the ways leaders can impact their organizations.

Your workspace and norms have a powerful impact on office productivity. Even small top-level changes can have positive effects on everyone on your team. Plus, improvements to your space and culture require far less time from leaders than efforts to grow individual teams and employees.

Here are six research-backed and actionable strategies to improve office productivity and boost employee performance. 

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